Why “Spice World” Is Still Amazing

I realize people my age (twenties) still have a powerful internet presence. Our nineties nostalgia permeates so many websites like MyLifeIsAverage and Buzzfeed. And as much as I love looking back at the golden age of crop tops and choker necklaces, I like to think that my admiration of “Spice World” goes beyond cherishing childhood memories. Okay, maybe I’m a little biased, but let me explain why “Spice World” is still an amazing movie.

ImageMusicians nowadays are putting out big 3D pictures of their concerts and behind the scenes footage. Stars like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and now One Direction are breaking into film, without needing much of a script. On the other hand, musicians like Rihanna, Beyonce and Ludacris are trying to strip away their labels as musicians so they can dabble into acting.

“Spice World” is a happy medium of these two decisions: the Spice Girls sing their songs, but also act in fictitious situations (ahem, aliens). The five of them act as hyperbolic caricatures of themselves in a partially real, but mostly ridiculous movie. That’s why it’s fun. The movie doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s campy and stupid and proud of it. In a way, “Spice World” considers an audience better than the new concert movies, because those concert movies only target die-hard fans. It’s only for people who like their songs, but can’t afford the expenses of a concert.

Image“Spice World” considers other audience members, who might only know one song or who might not know which one is the scary one. It also considers the people who might be forced to watch this movie, because they are too cool, old, or macho. To reel in those who are not unconditionally devoted to the Spice Girls, the movie adds in all sorts of top notch entertainment. There are jokes, silly flashbacks, aliens, butts, babies, danger, and a double-decker bus flying across a bridge. Come on, what more could you want? Is it a montage? Because they have a montage!

ImageI only wish that musicians would do this type of thing. I don’t like One Direction, but I would watch their movie if it involved solving mysteries and car chases. I certainly don’t care about Justin Bieber, but if he had to save the world from a comet or became a tiger-whisperer, I would pay money to see his movie. If these musicians did that, their movies would have the same timeless quality as “Spice World”.


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